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Heavy-Duty Mechanical Dial Floor Scale

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Pro Series Heavy-Duty Mechanical Dial Floor Scale is a durable dial scale with a large easy-to-read face. Made with a heavy-duty steel base, this scale has a non-slip textured mat on a large platform with a raised dial that provides extra foot room.

160LB Mechanical Floor Scale Features:

  • 400 Pound capacity
  • 1 pound graduation
  • Raised dial
  • Non-slip textured mat
  • Large platform and dial
  • Heavy-duty steel base
  • Measures in pounds only
  • Sold by:  Each


  • Platform size:  13" x 11 ½"
  • Dial Size:  8"
  • Dial raised 4"

Heath-O-Meter scales are user-friendly and offer the best in durability and accurate weight management. This home scale has a generous 400 lb capacity and a dial features large numbers and 1 pound graduation marks that are easy to read, for a distinct weight measurement that you can clearly see.

The base of this scale is large and features a non-skid textured mat for safe use in damp bathrooms or while wearing socks. Plus, the raised dial offers extra foot room, which makes the platform even larger than it may appear.

Use a home dial scale that is as easy to read as it is easy to use with the Health-O-Meter Home Care Pro Raised Dial Scale, a great addition to any home.

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