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Hospital Gown Light Blue Pattern


$ 12.50 $ 19.95

Essential Hospital Gown is a soft, comfortable patient gown designed to suit the needs of the doctor and the patient. Made with a soft cotton/polyester blend material, this patterned exam gown is loose-fitting and features the standard center tie style backing for easy application and removal, roomy sleeves and is machine washable and dryable for trouble-free cleaning.

What is the purpose of an examination gown?

There are always jokes floating around about patient gowns and how revealing they are. But the truth is, they’re like that for a reason - not just for the amusement of the patients and staff. The style and material of the gowns allows the practitioner to hear the heart and lungs better, it gives them easier access to the body parts that need the examination, and patients with associated conditions are less likely to overheat in a nice, thin, non-irritating exam gown. Patient gowns also make a hospital stay more convenient for a patient: they are less likely to be bothered by uncomfortable, cumbersome clothing and it’s easier to perform normal bodily functions like using the restroom, especially if they're in pain. 

Gown Features:

  • Traditional center tie style
  • Roomy raglan sleeves
  • Cotton/polyester blend material
  • Light blue print
  • Machine washable/dryable
  • One size


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