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High Flow Oxygen Humidifier Bottle with 6 psi

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Hudson 3260 Humidifier bottle is a disposable high flow humidifier bottle. Designed to use with flows from 2 to 12 LPM's, with 6 psi pressure relief valve. The Hudson 3260 humidifier bottle is a high flow humidifier jar that brings much needed moisture to a patient that is using prescribed medical oxygen by making a fine mist that is inhaled with the oxygen. Humidifier bottles are very common in dry climates. Audible alarm activates if the bottle exceeds 6 psi (Pounds per square inch) rating, which is higher than the health care industry standard of a 3 psi. Clear jar provides improved visibility of the jars water levels. Humidifier bottle should be changed every 3 to 5 day to prevent any other health illnesses.


  • -  6 PSI Pressure Relief Valve
  • - For use with Flows from 2 to 12 LPM
  • - All parts are Latex Free
  • - Hudson RCI 3260

What is a Humidifier Bottle?

A Humidifier Bottle is a medical device that is used in conjunction with an oxygen concentrator to deliver moisture in a patient's oxygen. The Bottle has a female adaptor that fastens to the oxygen concentrator where the therapeutic oxygen exits the machine and is pumped through the Humidifier bottle. The Bubble Humidifier Bottle is filled halfway with Sterile Water that creates a vapor mist the exits the humidifier bottle along with the oxygen to the patient, bringing moist therapeutic oxygen to the patients mask. A nasal cannula or oxygen mask is usually used to deliver the oxygen from the humidifier bottle to the patient. A Humidifier bottle is ideal to warm; dry settings were moisture is needed.


Directions for use:

1. Fill the humidifier jar to the maximum fill line with sterile, distilled or bottled water. Tightly secure the lid to the jar.

2. Connect the humidifier lid wing nut to the oxygen flowmeter outlet. 

3. Attach oxygen tubing (not supplied) to the humidifier lid stem. Be sure all connections are secure.

4. Turn the oxygen source to the prescribed flow.

5. Test the pressure relief valve by occluding oxygen tubing at 3 LPM. Listen for an alarm.

Caution: An alarm whistle from the pressure relief valve will activate if the jar accumulates too much pressure. Inspect the system for excessive blockage or a kinked tube.
Warning: Oxygen supplies of 10 psi or less using low flow (less tha 2 LPM) may affect the audible alarm.

Customer Reviews

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Products are working great. Thank you.

Just a small problem

Functional but makes a noticeable gurgling sound. My previous humidifier bottle made smaller bubbles and softer sounds.


Wonderful service ! I received the shipment on time. They advised me at each point as to the status of shipment till it reached me.
The product I ordered is also of good standard and I recommend Mountainside Medical Equipment to my friends, relatives and dear all...


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