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Jstim Joint Therapy System For The Hand


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A drug-free and surgery-free method of therapeutically treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, the Jstim Joint System for the hand uses advanced electrical stimulation combined with compression to help relieve pain and improve arthritic conditions. Worn on the hand like a glove, this unit uses soft, flexible, and comfortable compression wraps made out of conductive fabric electrodes to deliver tiny electrical impulses directly to the joint tissue and cartilage to help relieve pain and swelling while improving circulation and range of motion.  


    • Electrical joint stimulation unit
    • Used for therapeutic joint treatments
    • Safe, effective, convenient
    • Can be used at home, during physical therapy, and for rehabilitation
    • Ideal for daytime and nighttime usage
    • Conveniently portable and easy to use
    • FDA approved
    • Medicare coded
    • Includes custom carrying case
    • 36” lead wires
    • Comes with conductive spray
    • One size fits most


      1. * Provides two modes of operation: DT (daytime) and NT (nighttime)
      2. * Has a milli-amperage that is fixed on the tissue at .2 mA
      3. * Provide a sub-threshold low level pulse stimulation
      4. * Has a frequency range of 75-85Hz
      5. * Easy to use controller with digital display screen
      6. * Has an arm band that acts as a  ground pad that activated the conductive glove 


      1. * Uses high-quality, comfortable compression wraps with flexible electrodes that are made out of special conductive fabric to deliver deeply penetrating electrical stimulation
      2. * Provides a unique combination of compression and tiny electrical impulses that are sent directly to the joints
      3. * An extremely lightweight unit weighing only 5 lbs.
      4. * Promotes natural healing
      5. * Innovatively designed to target the joint tissue and cartilage
      6. * Doesn’t hurt or cause pain
      7. * A drug-free and surgery-free method of pain reduction and joint rehabilitation
      8. * Has 2 mode operations to allow users to easily switch between daytime and nighttime therapy modes
      9. * Great for nighttime usage, allowing users to get their therapy while they are sleeping comfortably
      10. * Regularly using the nighttime mode provides long-term results and extended relief
      11. * Nighttime mode tends to be the main treatment mode
      12. * Daytime mode is great for providing immediate pain relief
      13. * Daytime mode can be used as often or as little as is needed
      14. * Worn on the hand like a glove
      15. * Fabric materials are breathable
      16. * For optimal results this unit should be incorporated into a 6-12 month therapy regimen

      Ideal Uses:

      1. * Great for those with arthritis
      2. * For the treatment of osteoarthritis
      3. * Particularly beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis treatments and management
      4. * Helping relieve/alleviate pain
      5. * For increasing blood flow and circulation
      6. * Aiding in reducing swelling and inflammation
      7. * For rehabilitation of the hands

      Manufacturer: Pain Management Technologies

      Product number: PMT-JS-H


      Get immediate pain relief, as well as extended relief and long-term improvement from arthritic conditions by using the drug-free and surgery-free Jstim Joint System for the hand. Order yours today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced medical supply specialists and place an order by phone.

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