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Kendall 1550 SureCare Disposable Underpads 23" x 26" (54/Case)


$ 35.49 $ 37.95

Kendall 1550 SureCare Underpads are a absorbent underpad for home. SureCare underpads are designed to keep your furniture dry from urine incontinence. These disposable underpads are prefect for keeping your skin dry, which reduces irritation and keeps the bed or chair dry and sanitary.


1550 SureCare Underpads Features:

  • Ideal for furniture and bed protection
  • Waterproof backing to keep furniture dry
  • Disposable
  • 23” x 36” Size
  • 54 per case (3 packages of 18 each)


How can I manage bladder weakness?

Incontinence is more common in women than in men and can be caused by many conditions. These include: weak pelvic muscles, increased calcium levels in the body, an enlarged prostate in men, dementia or just the physical inability to make it to the restroom in time. People with these conditions sometimes find that urine loss occurrs as a result of a chronic cough, laughter, or even exercise.

It is important to talk with your doctor and know your options. If you have slight urine loss, a simple liner designed for this could help. If it is greater than that, or at nighttime, Consider using an adult diaper or bed underpads for overnight protection. Today, each of those incontinence products are designed to be as discreet and effective as possible in helping you to continue your daily lifestyle without worrying about your bladder troubles.

Kendall 1550 SureCare Disposable Underpads 23" x 26" (54/Case) Tags

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