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Kendall Uniguard Adhesive Strip Pant Liners (100/cs)


$ 45.50 $ 49.99

Kendall Uniguard Pant Liners are an easy-to-use incontinence pad liner for effective, discreet bladder protection. Designed to be virtually undetectable underneath regular clothing, these urine pant liner feature a stay dry facing to protect the skin and secure double adhesive strips for reliable fastening to clothing.


Incontinence Pant Liner Features:

  • Uni-sex
  • 8” x 24” white pant liners
  • Double adhesive strip on the moisture-proof backing
  •  Designed with a slim silhouette
  •  Stay dry facing to encourage a healthier skin environment
  • Disposable
  • 100 liners per box


Why would I use an incontinence pant liner?

Urinary incontinence has many possible causes that include weak bladder muscles, certain medical conditions or medications, recent surgery, or childbirth to name a few, and is usually more common in women than in men. It can be embarrassing and messy and the not knowing when or where it’s going to happen can take a toll on your emotional state. This is why a discreet disposable pant liner can be so important. It can help prevent against skin irritation, help keep clothes dry, and above all, give you the peace of mind you need in knowing that you are protected.

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