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Dover Foley Insertion Tray without Catheter 76000

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The Dover 76000 Foley Insertion Tray without Catheter is a kit used to insert a urinary catheter. The Foley Insertion Tray includes a tray with lid, 10cc and 30cc syringes, a pair of phalange forceps, as well as a tube of lubricating jelly. It also contains sterile gloves, a fenestrated drape, an 18 Fr three-way catheter, and a tube of betadine ointment. All these items help in the insertion process of the Foley catheter efficiently and safely. Before the urethral catheter is inserted, the patient's urethral area needs to be cleansed with betadine ointment and fenestrated drape. The Foley Insertion Tray kit helps the physician to properly insert the catheter into the patient's bladder using the forceps and syringes and a generous amount of lubricating jelly. Once the catheter is inserted properly, the physician can ensure proper retention of catheter using the Foley Insertion Tray.

Tray Contents: Lidded Tray, Underpad, Nitrile Exam Glove, Fenestrated Drape, 30 cc Prefilled Syringe, Lubricating Jelly, Graduated Basin

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