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Kling 3" Gauze Roll Bandages 5/Box

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SKU RDC23000300

Kling Rolls are a sterile, self-adhering gauze roll that gently sticks to itself as you wrap it around a arm or leg. Kling gauze bandages are highly-absorbent and molds to hard-to-bandage areas. Kling gauze conforms to the bodies contours and moves with the bodies motions.

  1. ♦ Contours to hard-to-bandage areas
  2. Conforms to bodies anatomy
  3. Moves with you
  4. Soft and absorbent
  5. Sterile


The name "Kling" comes for the phrase "cling·ing to itself".

Customer Reviews

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Great Product

This was a good substitute for Kling, which was not currently in stock. A bit of a lighter weight than the original Kling, but I actually like it better for my purposes. Rep called from Mountainside to let me know that Kling was backordered and asked if I'd like this other product. Price is better, quality is fine, and customer service is outstanding.