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Lantiseptic Skin Protectant Ointment 4.5 oz Jar


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Lantiseptic Ointment Skin Protectant is a professional grade cream that helps prevent and treat minor skin irritations associated with diaper dermatitis and incontinence. Designed to help seal out wetness, this cream will keep the skin dry and moisturized, preventing chafing and other forms of dermatitis and skin ulcers.

Skin Protectant Features:

  • Ideal for skin conditions associated with incontinence
  • Serves as a protestant, keeping moisture out without drying the skin
  • 4.5 oz jar

Why is skin care important for incontinence patients?

Although, incontinence diapers and liners to help your patient’s bedding and clothing dry, they can sometimes cause skin irritations if they are not frequently changed. Since there is little room for ventilation while wearing a diaper, leaving the skin constantly moist can cause it to become dry, peelie and generally irritated. It can also be the cause of yeast infections and ulcers, among other conditions. Help keep your patient’s skin clean and protected with a lotion like Lantiseptic Skin Protectant, so they can feel comfortable and stay infection-free.

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