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Lumex Heated Medical Chair with SilverGuard Fabric


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The durable and versatile Lumex Heated Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner is simple to use and will give your dialysis patient the highest quality in comfort and design. While allowing you to easily maneuver your patient down hallways and inside treatment rooms, this heated dialysis chair is specially contoured and designed for easy use for both caregiver and patient, and is specifically tailored to your dialysis patient's needs. Not only do the back and leg rests fully recline for optimal patient comfort, but it can provide your patient with warmth and massage, as well. For additional convenience and safety, the fabric is flame retardant, and made to resist germs, stains and abrasions. This chair also features durable, smooth side tables that lock into place and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Why are heated dialysis chairs important?

As they are undergoing treatment and their blood is being filtered through the dialyzer, two complaints that many dialysis patients have are that they are cold and they get muscle cramps. This can make the treatment more uncomfortable for the patient than it has to be, especially if they forget to bring warmer clothing. This chair is equipped to provide your patient with both gentle heat and massage, which can be easily adjusted by either the caregiver or the patient by utilizing the dials on the side of the chair.  By giving the patient complete control of their comfort, it can help them to remain more at ease as they undergo treatment. Give your patients the highest in quality care with the heated dialysis recliner. 


Heated Dialysis Chair Features:

  • Adjustable heat and massage features (automatic shut-off after one hour)
  • Fully-adjustable positioning
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Smooth side tables that lock into position
  • Stain, flame and germ resistant fabric made with Permablok Vinyl Protection
  • LiquiCell Technology used to reduce shear stress, aiding in the prevention of pressure sores and general discomfort
  • SilverGUARD material provides antimicrobial protection
*Please note on the web that these are Special Order and Not Returnable per Graham Field.

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