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MAT Tourniquet


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The MAT Tourniquet by PYNG Medical is a rugged tourniquet used to stop bleeding in combat, accident and disaster situations. This latex-free tourniquet is quick and easy to apply, stops bleeding within 10 seconds, and provides complete arterial occlusion.

Used to stop bleeding in combat, accident and disaster situations




  • Increased patient survival in trauma care situations
  • Great for care in combat, accident and disaster situations
  • Proven to work in extreme conditions
  • Can be applied to leg or arm


MAT Tourniquet Features:


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Complete arterial occlusion
  • Stops bleeding within 10 seconds
  • Latex free
  • Olive color
  • 1 in wide
  • Sold by the each



The MAT tourniquet has been proven to work under extreme conditions and combat, accident and disaster events alike. Not only can it be applied to either the arm or leg, but the quick bleed-stop time of this tourniquet will greatly increase your patient survivability rate in trauma care situations. Use a tourniquet that is as durable as it is reliable with the MAT Tourniquet.



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