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Medifil II Collagen Particles, 1 Gram Vial


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Medifill II Particle 1 gram Vial is a unique treatment for wound healing. This wound care product features spherically designed particles, small diameter for optimal contact, and Kollagen technology.


Medifill II Particle Features:

  • Spherically designed particles
  • Small diameter for optimal contact
  • Kollagen technology
  • 100% natural bovine collagen
  • Highly absorptive
  • Sold individually (1 vial)


  • Ulcers
  • Sores
  • Blisters
  • Scrapes
  • Various other wounds


Brand:  Human Biosciences

Item Number:  BCMF2001 

Medifill II Particle 1 gram Vial is super-absorptive, holding 40 to 60 times its own weight with wound exudate. This wound care product also features the unique Kollagen technology and is derived from 100% natural bovine collagen.

Achieve effective, unique wound healing. Purchase Medifill II Particle 1 gram Vial for a great price by placing an order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our trained Medical Supply Specialists.


Application instructions:

1. Apply Medifil II Particles to cover the wound surface:

  • Minimally Draining Wounds- Lightly sprinkle just enough to completely cover the surface of

the wound bed.

  • Moderately Draining Wounds- Cover wound surface with Medifil™ II Particles ⅟4 to ⅛ inches


  • Heavily Draining Wounds- Cover wound surface with Medifil™ II Particles ⅟4 inch deep.

highly absorbent and need room for expansion. If packed tightly into  a wound, there may be increased
pressure on surrounding tissue as the particles expand which may affect healing.
If  there is a “dead space," gently fill the wound with dressing of choice to prevent premature closure of
wound. DO NOT PACK TIGHTLY! Always maintain a moist wound environment.

2. Apply secondary dressing:

  • Cover with a non-adherent,  absorbent dressing (conventional gauze/abdominal pads,

specialty absorptive, etc.). Dressings should be changed when saturated (or as recommended
by manufacturer) until excessive drainage is resolved.

  • Always maintain a moist (not wet) wound environment. (Please continue on next page) 
  • When necessary, gently secure wound cover dressing with surgical netting or tape.

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