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Nasalcease for Nosebleeds - 5 Each

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NasalCEASE for Nosebleeds is designed to provide you with quick, effective, discreet, nosebleed relief. Made with a natural based bio polymer and a coagulant (calcium), this product releases the calcium as the nose bleeds helping it to clot and stop the bleed. Each pad can absorb up to twenty times its weight and is specifically made to be easily removed without causing re-bleeding by staying moist and preventing clot disruption.


NasalCEASE Features:

  • Ideal for anterior nosebleeds
  • Works within 30 minutes
  • Made with calcium alginate and a natural based bio-polymer
  • The first FDA-Approved nosebleed product on the market
  • Safe for use with other medications and during pregnancy embarrassing.

A nosebleed can be caused by many things. Most people think of a swift punch, or too much picking – that’ll certainly do it. However, it can also be caused by the common cold, allergies, pregnancy (blood flow increases during pregnancy), breathing in dry air, or high altitudes. Some treatments including blood thinners and cancer therapies can cause them, as well.

Whatever the cause, they can be embarrassing and disruptive. With NasalCEASE, you simply place the product in the nasal cavity, continue on with your life for the next 30 minutes and then remove. No more nose pinching and wasted tissues. It's like gauze for your nose and it is the first FDA-approved nosebleed product on the market today. You can barely tell it’s there when it’s in, and it is easy to take out.


For noseblead treatment made simple, choose NasalCEASE.


Get your box of NasalCEASE online, or speak with one of our well-trained customer service representatives for more information at 1-888-687-4334 today!

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Stop Nosebleeds

Exactly what was needed to add to my supply bag.