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Nasogastric Tube Holder

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Nasogastric Tube Holders keeps nasal feeding tubes in place, as well as prevent retraction out of the nose. Made with a skin-friendly adhesive pad, it conforms to the nose and stretches for patient comfort as the dual interlocking tabs spiral around the nasogastric tubing for a secure fit.


Key Features:

  1. Ideal for securing feeding and aspiration tubes
  2. Complies with glove use and is easy to manipulate
  3. Skin-friendly
  4. Reduces caregiver time
  5. Conforms to nose
  6. Dual interlocking tabs
  7. Non-adhering plastic tips on tabs
  8. Easy to apply and remove
  9. Latex-free
  10. One size fits all


Manufacture: Dale Medical

Product Number: 160


How can a Nasogastric Tube holder help my patients?

  1. Secure placement of the tube in order to reduce the risk of fluid aspiration into the lungs
  2. Helps the patient feel more comfortable with their tube placement
  3. The NG tube holder is both patient and staff-friendly
  4. Gentle on skin
  5. It’s great for long-term use
  6. Prevents trauma to the nose due to repeated applications and removals


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