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O.B. Tampons Pro Comfort Regular 18/box


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O.B. Tampons Pro Comfort Regular are applicator-free tampons that provide mild absorbency for light days. These tampons feature O.B.’s silky soft Pro Comfort design and are compact for discreet portability.

O.B. Tampons Pro Comfort Regular Features

  1. ♦ Fluid Lock
  2. ♦ Applicator-free tampon
  3. ♦ Regular absorbency level
  4. ♦ Easy to insert and remove
  5. ♦ 40 regular absorbency tampons per box


O.B. Tampon Brand Benefits

  1. ♦ Dioxin free material
  2. ♦ No applicator waste
  3. ♦ Easy to insert
  4. ♦ Smooth, SilkTouch design for easy insertion


Why use an applicator-free tampon?

Applicators are often designed to be straight, even though your body is naturally curved. Inserting a tampon without an applicator allows you to place it in a way that is more comfortable for you. Plus, it allows for absorption as you insert it and there’s no excess waste for the environment!


How to use an O.B. Tampon


1) Unwrap your O.B. tampon


2) Find the string and pull tight from left to right & top to bottom


3) Place index finger in the pocket you just created at the base and insert into vaginal canal


O.B. Tampon Absorbency Specifications


Product Number


Flow Rate

Capacity Range




6-9 g


Brand McNeil-PPC, Inc


Start using a comfortable, reliable tampon today! Shop online today or call 1-888-687-4334 for assistance from a Medical Supply Professional.

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