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Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent with 25% Deet, 6 oz


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Keep the bugs away and enjoy the day by using Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent with Deet, which provides extended coverage with up to 8 full hours of protection from a variety of biting insects that could be carrying things like Lyme Disease or the West Nile Virus. Apply to clothing and exposed areas of skin to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, biting flies, black flies, gnat, chiggers, no-see-ums, and more.


  1. * An effective deterrent for biting insects
  2. * Provides up to 8 hours of protection
  3. * Long-lasting extended coverage
  4. * Non-greasy formula
  5. * Unscented
  6. * Perspiration resistant
  7. * Contains 25% Deet
  8. * Aerosol spray
  9. * Packaged in a 6 oz can

Ideal Uses:

  1. * For protection from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, biting flies, black flies, gnat, chiggers, no-see-ums, and more
  2. * Especially great to use around deep-wooded areas
  3. * Great to use while fishing, hiking, and enjoying a wide range of outdoor events
  4. * Commonly used in a variety of industries, including forestry and agriculture, construction, industrial, government, and more


  1. * Provides protection against insects that have been known to carry Lyme Disease and the West Nile Virus
  2. * Provides a full 8 hours of protection without needing to be reapplied, even with perspiration Provides protection against a variety of bugs and insects
  3. * Quick and easy to apply
  4. * Safe to use on clothing; won’t damage cotton, wool, or nylon fabrics
  5. * Doesn’t stain the skin, clothing, or furniture


Read and follow all usage instructions printed on the product label

Safety Warnings:

  1. * Do not apply over cuts, wounds, irritated or sunburned skin
  2. * Do not spray in enclosed areas
  3. * Do not allow children to handle this product
  4. * Do not apply to children’s hands
  5. * Do not apply under clothing
  6. * Do not apply on or around acetate, rayon, spandex or other synthetic materials (other than nylon), furniture, plastics, watch crystals, leather, and painted or varnished surfaces (including automobiles)


General Application Instructions:

  1. * Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from skin and clothing
  2. * Apply spray using a slow sweeping motions
  3. * Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing
  4. * Avoid over-application of this product
  5. * Frequent reapplication and saturation are unnecessary


Applying on Children:

  1. * First apply the spray to your own hands
  2. * Use your hands to put it on the child
  3. * Spread evenly to cover all areas of exposed skin
  4. * Upon returning inside, ensure that all clothing and treated skin is washed using soap and warm water 

Facial Applications:

  1. This product should not be sprayed directly on the face
  2. Coat the hands with the spray and then apply to the face by rubbing your moistened hands on your face
  3. Avoid getting this spray near the eyes and mouth
  4. Use very sparingly around the ears


Clothing Applications:

  1. Only apply to the outside of clothing (don’t apply under clothing)
  2. Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from clothing
  3. Using sweeping motions, spray shirts/jackets, pants, socks, hats, etc.
  4. Spray cuffs, socks, and around any other openings, like sleeves and necklines
  5. Make sure clothing gets washed after returning inside


  1. When not in use this product should be stored in a cool and dry location that is shielded from excessive heat, sparks, and open flames

Manufacturer: PTL Enterprises

Product number: RDC47849500

Don’t let bugs and insects keep you from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors! Purchase your Off Deep Woods Insect Repellent with Deet for a great low price by placing an order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our professional Medical Supply Specialists.

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