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Oxytrol Overactive Bladder Relief Patch for Women


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Oxytrol for Women is the first and only over-the-counter bladder control medication for women that can reduce urinary accidents by up to an astonishing 75%! These self-adhesive patches are applied topically and discreetly worn under clothing, providing continues relief for up to 4 days and nights by relaxing the muscles that control the bladder and helping reduce urgency, frequency, and accidents associated with overactive bladder (OAB).  


Quick View of Product Highlights:

  • The first and only over-the-counter bladder control medication for women
  • Applied topically and worn under clothing
  • Made with three layers; a layer of backing film, a layer of containing oxybutynin (a skin permeability enhancer and adhesive), and a layer of release liner
  • Latex-free
  • Self-adhesive
  • For use by women 18 years of age and older
  • Available in boxes with either 4 patches or 8 patches per box
  • Sold by: the box

Why this overactive bladder medicine works:

  • Can reduce urinary accidents by up to an astonishing 75%!
  • Up to 25% more effective than other leading brand OAB patches
  • Can relieve the symptoms of an overactive bladder (OAB) in as little as 2 weeks
  • Doesn’t constrict movement or limit activities (including swimming and exercising)
  • One patch provides 4 days and nights of OAB relief
  • Discreet to wear and easy to apply
  • Available without the need for a prescription
  • Medication is absorbed through the skin, eliminating liver damage and damage to the digestive tract



Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Use regularly – don’t skip applications or use occasionally.
  • Try to establish and follow a daily bathroom schedule, urinating at set times instead of when you feel a slight urge to go.
  • Strengthen the bladder muscles by exercising them throughout the day. For example, pretend you’re trying to stop the flow of urine… Throughout the day, periodically squeeze and release those muscles 3-4 times in a row.
  • Try managing your fluid intake, taking notice of which beverages tend to make your overactive bladder worse.


How MSD Consumer Recommends you use them:

For a complete list of instructions and contradictions, please refer to insert accompanying this product. Please read leaflet thoroughly and follow all instructions. 

  • store in the original packaging at room temperature (68-77° F/20-25° C)
  • Protect from moisture and humidity
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals


What is an overactive bladder and how do I know if I have one?

Overactive bladder, commonly referred to OAB for short, is a chronic condition that affects more than 20 million women in the United States. Although a common misbelief is that OAB only affects the elderly, OAB doesn’t discriminate and affects women of all ages and races. OAB has a number of different physically burdensome symptoms that tend to be mentally and emotionally draining. With the right treatment, OAB can be treated and managed.

The best way to determine if you have an overactive bladder is to consult with your healthcare provider. Some factors that could indicate the presence of an overactive bladder include (but aren’t limited to) suffering from 2 or more of the following symptoms for at least 3 months:

  • urinary frequency (the need to urinate more than 8 times in a 24 hour period)
  • urinary urgency (a strong need to urinate immediately)
  • urge incontinence (leaking or wetting yourself)


Product #

Active Ingredients

Inactive Ingredients


Oxybutynin 3.9 mg/day

Acrylic adhesive, polyester/ethylene-vinyl acetate film, siliconized polyester film, and triacetin


Manufacturer: MSD Consumer Care, Inc.


Enhance your bladder control by using these discrete and effective bladder control patches, which can reduce urinary accidents by up to an astonishing 75%! Order yours today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced medical supply specialists and place an order by phone.

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