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Pain Assessment Card


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The Pain Assessment Card is a convenient tool for estimating the strength of a patient’s pain. This pain assessment features Wong-Baker faces for pain rating, PQRST pain assessment description, and the COLDERRA pain assessment description.

    • Wong-Baker Faces for pain rating
    • Includes PQRST pain assessment description
    • Includes COLDERRA pain assessment description
    • Time saving
    • Easy to read
    • 18cm x 7xm

      The Pain Assessment Card is designed for the quick and accurate measurement of a patient’s pain level. The card features a top hole, making it portable as it can easily attach to lanyards or card-rings. The assessment card is easy-to-read and provides unique tools to offer the best in patient care. Don’t waste time when it comes to managing pain. Purchase the Pain Assessment Card simply by placing your order online, through our website. You can also conveniently make your purchase by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our friendly Medical Supply Professionals.

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