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PediFix Hammer Toe Cushion


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The PediFix Hammer Toe Cushion provides comfort and support to problem toes in order to make walking and wearing shoes more comfortable. Great for "hammer," "claw," and "mallet" toes, this foot support relieves pain and pressure on toe tips and the ball of the foot, and prevents blisters and corns from forming.



  1. Comforts and supports toes
  2. Soft, contoured pad
  3. Adjustable toe loop
  4. Secure fit
  5. Soft, durable top cover
  6. Washable and reusable
  7. Available in 3 sizes  
  8. Sold by: Each 




  1. Effective for "hammer," "claw,"      and "mallet" toes
  2. Makes shoes and walking more comfortable
  3. Relieves ball-of-foot pain
  4. Cushions and supports bent-under toes
  5. Relieves pressure on toes tips
  6. Prevents blisters and corns


Manufacturer: PediFix


For  comfortable support for your toes, choose PediFix. A leader in foot  support and foot care products, this company has developed a solution  for those with problem toes that often make wearing shoes and walking  difficult. The PediFix hammer toe cushion is soft and contoured for  optimal support and features an adjustable toe loop for a secure fit.

Simply position the toe support under your toes, slip the strap over the appropriate toe, and adjust as necessary. Specially contoured for a comfortable fit, the hammer toe cushion can be used underneath panty hose, in shoes, and of course, barefoot. Best of all, this foot care product is washable and reusable for lasting support.

Using this product will not only make walking more comfortable, but it also helps prevent unwanted blisters and corns from forming. Protect your toes and pamper your feet with the Pedifix hammer toe cushion.

Order your PediFix hammer toe cushion online or call to speak with a trained representative today!


Size Guide

Product Number Foot Size
P54-SL Left Small
P54-ML Left Medium
P54-LL Left Large
P54-SR Right Small
P54-MR Right Medium
P54-LR Right Large






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