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Perrigo Polybase Suppository Base 454gm


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Ease the process of extemporaneous suppository compounding using Perrigo Polybase Suppository Base. Polybase is excellent for use when a water-soluble or water-miscible base is preferred for compounding.


Polybase Suppository Base Features

  • 454gm container
  • Water-soluble, water-miscible
  • Slow medication release
  • Dissolves in rectal or vaginal canal
  • Longer disintegration time
  • White color
  • Mild polyethylene glycol odor


Manufacturer: Perrigo

Item#: RDC10099711


How to use:


1) Clean and dry the suppository mold before use

2) Weigh appropriate amount of Polybase and store in a container with pouring lip

3) Melt Polybase using a hot water bath, hot plate, burner, or other controlled device

4) Stir the melted Polybase while incorporating the medication

5) Pour the mixture into the suppository mold

6) Slightly overfill to account for contraction

7) Trim suppositories with a razor blade or spatula and remove from tray

8) Store suppositories in a glass container or box under refrigeration


*Avoid storing Polybase suppositories in polystyrene containers



  • Polyethylene Glycol 400
  • Polyethylene Glycol 8000
  • Polysorbate 80


Order Perrigo Polybase Suppository Base 454gm online today or call to consult with a friendly medical supply representative at 888-687-4334!

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