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Personal Protection Kit

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The Disposable Personal Protection Kit is designed to protect you from contaminants from head to toe and prevent the spread of disease. This isolation kit includes an impervious gown, a pair of heavy-duty exam gloves, a protective face mask with eye shield, an antimicrobial towelette, a biohazard waste bag, a pair of shoe covers and a bouffant head cap.



  • Prevents exposure to contaminants
  • Prevents the spread of disease


Head to Toe Personal Protection Kit Includes:

  • 1 impervious gown
  • 1 pair of heavy-duty latex exam gloves
  • 1 protective face mask with eye shield
  • 1 antimicrobial towelette
  • 1 biohazard waste bag
  • 1 pair of shoe covers
  • 1 bouffant head cap


Keep yourself protected from head to toe.


When you have a situation where you need protection against a potential biohazard, you need your supplies quickly. What better way to organize them, than in pre-packaged kits? This medical kit will provide you with a defense package against biohazards so that you stay safe and prevent the potential spread of disease. The gloves are durable for those heavy-duty situations, and it even includes a biohazard waste bag for safe disposal of used kit supplies or infectious substances. The gown and mask will keep your body and face protected, while the shoe covers and cap will keep your head and shoes from acquiring and spreading any unwanted contaminants. It even comes with a convenient antimicrobial towelette - just in case. Stay protected from head to toe with this Personal Protection Kit.


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