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PocketDresser Ultimate All in One Dressing Aid Tool


$ 17.95 $ 24.95

For your every day dressing independency, the DMI Pocket Dresser is the ultimate tool for your dressing needs. This patented all-in-one solution closes the gap between functionality and durability. The dresser is made of hardened stainless steel and each tool provides an answer for the difficult tasks of getting dressed every day. Each tool easily folds down into a pocketknife style handle with no locks or buttons.



  • Large button hook for thick denim jeans buttons
  • Small button hook for tiny shirt buttons
  • Closed loop buttoner for use on delicate materials
  • Zipper pick to pull up zippers, pry out buried zipper tabs or to help untangle shoelace knots



Available Colors:

  • Red


Brand: Briggs Healthcare

Product Number: 640-9050-0001



The Pocket Dresser’s open triangles provide a gripping area to help open each tool with ease and the device also comes with an integrated belt clip and a quick release hand strap that ensures extra grip. It is handy enough to take with you anywhere, so stop worrying about getting dressed on your own and get your Pocket Dresser today!

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