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Prax Lotion for Itchy Skin 4 oz


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Prax Lotion is a topical anesthetic designed to provide soothing relief to your minor skin and anal area irritations. Made with a soothing emollient formula and safe enough to be used on sensitive skin areas, this lotion will quickly relieve your dry, itchy, painful skin issues. It is great for sunburn, insect bites, scrapes, rashes and even hemorrhoids and other anal irritations.

Prax Lotion Features:

  1. Ideal for minor skin and anal area irritations
  2. Emollient formula
  3. Fast-acting relief of itching, burning & pain
  4. Safe for sensitive skin


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectal area and are usually the result of straining bowel movements.  Sometimes they are a result of constipation, pregnancy or the extreme pushing during childbirth, and can be very painful and uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids can be treated – and prevented – by making sure your diet has enough fiber and you are drinking enough water. Avoiding constipation is key. A common treatment for this condition is a topical ointment or cream that will soothe the area as it heals. Prax lotion is gentle enough to be used for this purpose. It is specifically made to soothe minor painful skin irritations and heal the area.

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