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ProCare Wrist and Thumb Wrap

DJO 79-82600

$ 17.00 $ 19.99

ProCare’s Wrist and Thumb Wrap is a simple, comfortable option for supporting the thumb and bringing your relief from various symptoms. Made with neoprene, this adjustable wrap provides even compression and warmth to the area, as it wraps around your wrist for a perfect, fit.

Wrist Thumb Wrap Features:

  • Ideal for soft tissue injuries to the thumb and wrist
  • Neoprene material
  • Universal sizing

This wrap’s simple, lightweight design makes it an easy-to-use option to support your wrist and thumb after an injury.

Wrist and thumb sprains are painful and sometimes long lasting. Wrist thumb wraps and hand splints help protect the soft tissue around your hand by applied pressure to the strained ligaments in your hand. Wrist thumb splints help provide comfort and relief and allow you to get back to your daily activities.

Wrist splints can also be used to provide comfort to people how suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome which is when there is pressure by the median nerve that is pushing into the forearm from the arm. This pain sometimes can be unbearable.


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