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Pulse Oximeter Handheld #3301


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BCI 3301 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter painlessly measures oxygen levels carried in circulating blood, rapidly activated when its electronic red light sensor probe is clamped onto a translucent part of one's body. This portable medical device comes to hand very quick and non-invasively, within seconds measuring the amount of hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen as well as a pulse rate. Pulse Oximeter is highly useful in med locations such as but not limited to intensive care, EMS, operating, recovery and various hospitals settings where a persons' oxygenation can become unstable. Once attached to a finger, earlobe or toe, a signal travels through the body and reacts in time to simulate the heart beat that expands and contracts with the blood vessels to determine a pulse and will not function if one is not detected. Typically, oxygen saturation levels result in 95% or higher in normal healthy adults, but commonly values down to 90%. If on the other hand BCI 3301 Pulse Oximeter computes an outcome lower than these general ranges, an alarm will sound to clarify that it is abnormal.


Portable pulse oximetry monitoring system includes: 3301 Monitor; 1818 Operation/Service Manual; (3) Alkaline C-Cell Batteries. #3301 Handheld Pulse Oximeter (BCI/ Smiths Medical)

BCI 3301 Pulse Oximeter Features and Benefits
- Can be used on all ages, newborn to adult
- Bright, easy to read display, even in low light settings
- Is lightweight and reliable for use in various locations
- Includes a comprehendible manual with simple instructions for users
- Powered by 3 Alkaline C-Cell Batteries
- Durable power and conveniently portable



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