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QC Calamine Lotion USP 6 oz Bottle

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Quality Choice Calamine Lotion is a topical skin ointment used as a mild antiseptic and anti-itch agent. The combination of Zinc and Ferric Oxide helps to reduce the symptoms and potential for infection from mild skin irritations, bug bites, and the effects of poisonous plants. Calamine Lotion is a high quality astringent recommended for relieving the symptoms of a number of skin conditions.



Directly treats poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak and other minor skin irritations.


QC Calamine Lotion 6 oz Features:

  • Skin protectant                                       
  • 6 fl oz (177mL) bottle
  • Sold by:  Each

Active Ingredients:

  • 8.0 % Calamine
  • 8.0% Zinc Oxide


"Leaves of three, let it be..."

You may remember the expression “leaves of three, let it be” from your scout troop as a youngster to help you identify poison ivy – and for good reason! Accidently exposing the skin to this plant among others including poison oak or poison sumac is not something you are likely to forget. Those are common poisonous plants that produce urushiol, a type of skin-irritating sap oil that usually results in an itching, blistering rash.

If the skin is washed with water within 5 minutes of contact, the allergic reaction may be avoided. However, if it is not, applying calamine lotion to the affected area is a common treatment. Calamine lotion is a remedy usually associated with alleviating minor skin irritations and conditions, such as insect bites, chickenpox, as well as this. Applying calamine lotion with a cloth or cotton ball (so as not to infect other parts of the body), as well as ice packs for about 15-30 minutes a day may also help to relieve discomfort.


Pruritic Conditions:

Calamine lotion is used in the treatment of a number of pruritic (itch) conditions caused by skin irritation, poisonous plants, and bug bites. The effect of calamine lotion reduces the itch associated with these conditions helping to reduce the spread and chance of infection by drying weeping or oozing blisters.


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