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Qlicksmart Blade Removal System


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The Qlicksmart Blade Removal system provides a safer way to remove and contain used scalpel blades. This is the world’s first single-handed scalpel blade remover. It prevents the dangerous injuries commonly caused by removing blades with fingers, forceps or re-sheathing. This blade removal system is secured by a reusable mounting bracket, which means you don’t have to hold or brace the unit when in use.


Qlicksmart Blade Removal System Features:

  1. Offers optimal safety
  2. Quick and convenient
  3. Automatic and single-handed procedure
  4. Improves patient care and staff safety
  5. Serves as a Sharps container
  6. Built-in counter with shut-off mechanism
  7. Activates automatically after 100 blades have been removed (no danger of overfilling)


Not only does the Qlicksmart Blade Removal System improve patient care and staff safety, it enables practitioners to continue to use their preferred metal scalpel handles to save time and money. The unit also offers a puncture proof sharps container that can be easily and safely disposed of without further contact. This system also automatically shuts off after 100 blades have been removed to prevent from over filling.


Be Qlick “smart” and order your Qlicksmart Blade Removal System today! Place an order on our website or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our helpful Medical Supply Specialists for more information.

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