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Recapit No Mix Cement 1 Gram


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A great product for those with caps and/crowns to keep on hand, Recapit is a liquid form of cement that is specially designed to reattach dental caps and crowns without needing to go to the dentist! It comes premixed and ready-to-use, is extremely easy to apply, and it cures quickly so that users are able to eat again within just one hour after application.



  • Repairs loose dental caps and crowns
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • No mixing needed
  • Cures quickly
  • Safe to eat on
  • Eugenol-free formula
  • Multiple applications - 8 or more repairs
  • Comes with 1 gram per tube
  • Sold by: the jar



  • Safe to use on any type of loose crowns and caps
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Clinically proven effective
  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Comes ready-to-use (no mixing required!)
  • Provides enough liquid for an estimated 8+ repairs
  • Comes in a newly designed stay-fresh tube that prevents the liquid from drying out
  • Safe to eat on (just allow one hour after applying before eating)
  • Uses a liquid format that cures fast, enabling users to be able to eat within just one hour of applying Recapit!
  • Formulated without using Eugenol


Ideal Uses:

  • Dental emergencies
  • Temporarily repairing loose caps and/or crowns


Instructions for use:

  • Step #1 – Wash hands
  • Step #2 – Carefully remove as much of the old cement from the inside of the crown
  • Step #3 – Rinse the crown well
  • Step #4 – Clean and rinse the mouth out with warm water and keep it moist
  • Step #5 – BEFORE applying Recapit, fit the crown back on the tooth to ensure that it still fits properly. If crown doesn’t fit right, DO NOT PROCEED and see your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Step # 6 – Verify that the inside of the crown is dry
  • Step #7 – Open the tube of Recapit by flipping the cap upside down and punching a hole in the top of the tube
  • Step #8 – Apply a small amount of Recapit to the upper inside edge of the crown
  • Step #9 – Remoisten the tooth area
  • Step #10 – Place the crown on the wet tooth and press firmly
  • Step #11 – Bite down repeatedly to ensure that crown fits properly (if bite doesn’t feel comfortable/normal, remove the crown and repeat steps #1-10 until the crown fits and feel normal
  • Step #12 – WAIT FOR 5 MINUTES
  • Step #13 – Gently remove any excess material
  • Step #14 – Thoroughly rinse the mouth with water
  • Step #15 – Wait a minimum of 1 hour before eating to allow the cement to set (cement will fully set in 1-3 hours
  • Step #16 – Replace cap on the tube, seal tightly, and store at room temperature until needed again


Ingredients: Calcium sulfate, dimethoxytetraethylene glycol, zinc oxide, potassium sulfate, ethylmethacrylate polymer, triacetin


Manufacturer: Majestic Drug Co., INC

Product number: RDC10152825


Repair loose dental caps and crowns right from the comfort of your own home by using Recapit! It works so quickly that you’ll be able to eat again within just an hour after applying it. Receive the best pricing available for Recapit, from the makers of Dentemp, by placing an order through our website or via a friendly customer service representative that is awaiting your call at 1-888-687-4334.

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