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ReliaMed Suction Catheter Kit with Gloves & Cup, Sterile


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ReliaMed Suction Catheter Kit is a complete kit with a suction catheter and a whistle end that comes with latex gloves and a pop-up cup. The ReliaMed Suction Catheter Kit is designed to provide you with everything you need for your patient in one convenient sterile package. Complete with a whistle tip for easy thumb control, a tightly holding stepped connector and smooth-cut staggered eyes, this catheter is designed for pain-free insertion and easy use. This latex-free kit includes a coil-packed suction catheter, two powder-free PVC gloves and a pop-up cup.

 ReliaMed Suction Catheter KitFeatures:

    • Whistle tip
    • Tightly-holding stepped connector
    • Two staggered, smooth-cut opposing eyes
    • Kit is wrapped for easy handling and cleanliness
    • Sterile and latex-free
    • Available in all standard sizes

      ReliaMed Suction Catheter Kit  Kit Includes:

        • Coil-packed suction catheter
        • Two powder-free PVC gloves
        • Pop-up cup

          What are the benefits to purchasing a kit, rather than an individual suction catheter?

          In a busy healthcare facility where many emergency patients come in, it is important to have all the tools you will need to help them at your finger tips. The benefit of having a suction catheter kit on hand is that it is one stop shopping. It provides you with all the equipment you’ll need for quick and easy access. By purchasing everything in one complete kit, you can ensure the sterility and cleanliness of each piece, and you will know exactly where each individual piece is. With a catheter kit you will be better able to serve your emergency patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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