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Tracheostomy Drain Sponges Sterile


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Tracheostomy Drain Sponges are designed to provide you with a soft, highly absorbent dressing sponge for those patients with a tube in their body (ex. Tracheostomy tube). Made from a non-woven material, these gauze pads feature a c-fold split so that they can fit snugly around the tube and absorb any moisture while keeping the opening protected from the environment.


How can a split drain sponge better help my patients?

Keeping a tube opening in the body clean and free of debris is important, as healthcare professionals know. But how can you provide your patient with the best in this kind of care? Look for drain sponges that are designed to meet the specific needs of patients with a tube in their body, such as the tracheostomy drain sponge. This gauze sponge is not only sterile and latex-free to reduce the risk of cross contamination and an allergic reaction to the material, but it is also made to contour around the tube for a secure, snug fit. A contoured gauze pad will be better able to protect the opening from the environment than a standard sized pad, thus keeping your patient safer as you care for them.



Trach Drainage (T-Drain) Sponge Features:

  • Ideal for dressing around tracheostomy tube, or any type of tube on the body
  • Split, non-woven material
  • C-fold
  • Sterile
  •  6 Ply thick
  • Latex-free
  • Choose from 2 sizes


Available in:

2”x2” Trach Sponges

  • 70 per box (2 per pack), sold by Box of 35

4”x4”Trach Sponges

  • 25 per pack (2 per package), sold by Tray of 50

**Price may vary depending on size chosen

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