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Saliva Absorbent Dry Tips, Small, Green 50/Box


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Intended to be used by dental professionals, the Saliva Absorbent Dry Tips by Molnlycke Health Care are designed to help manage saliva and enhance patient comfort during dental procedures. These highly absorbent pads rest comfortably in the patient’s mouth and are able to absorb up to 30 times their weight! They stay in place, accommodate cheek movements, and remove easily without leaving behind any loose fibers or residues in the patient’s mouth.



  1. Absorbs moisture
  2. Keeps oral cavities dry during dental work
  3. Full coverage of parotid orifice & buccal mucosa
  4. Comfortable for patients
  5. Retains up to 30 times its weight
  6. Non-linting (won’t leave behind fibers in the mouth)
  7. Stays in place
  8. Removes easily
  9. With polyethylene film for cutting protection
  10. Packaged with 50 small tips per box
  11. Sold by: the box



  1. Helps enhance patient comfort
  2. Much more efficient that using cotton balls or other absorbent pads
  3. Won’t leave behind loose fibers or any other residues in the patient’s mouth
  4. Retains up to 30 times its weight and won’t lose moisture when handled
  5. Features a flexible design that accommodates to cheek movements – enhances patient comfort
  6. Remains where its placed (won’t keep moving around in the patient’s mouth)
  7. Removes easily using water spray – removal is comfortable for patients
  8. A great alternative to using rubber dams (for most types of treatments)
  9. Makes it easier and more efficient to complete work far back in the mouth



These dry tips are ideal for using during dental procedures that entail:

  1. Dental impressions
  2. Occlusion grinding
  3. Orthodontics
  4. Paint-on techniques
  5. Composites
  6. Cementation
  7. Fissure sealing
  8. Flouride applications


Manufacturer: Molnlycke Health Care

Product number: NDC161000


Using the Saliva Absorbent Dry Tips by Molnlycke Health Care is a great way for dental professionals to improve the efficiency of procedures while enhancing patient comfort. They are very absorbent, make is easier to perform work in the back of the mouth, and provide a viable alternative to using rubber dams (for many procedures). Take advantage of special low pricing and order today! Simply place your order online through our website or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our astounding Medical Supply Associates.

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