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Scrub Care Skin Prep Trays (20/Case)

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Scrub Care Skin Prep Tray by Cardinal Health provide you with iodine-free preoperative skin prep supplies. Great for iodine-sensitive patients, this preop tray includes many of the common supplies used to prep the skin for surgery all in one compact package.

Each Cardinal 4489 Kit Includes:

  • Exidine solution (chlorhexidine gluconate, 4%) 
  • 4 oz. bottle (118mL)
  • Four-compartment basin
  • Two cotton-tipped applicators
  • Six small urethane foam winged sponges
  • Two blotting towels
  • Two patient underdrapes
  • One pair Esteem® synthetic powder-free exam gloves
  • Hospital wrap

Scrub Care Prep Tray Features:

  • Great for iodine-sensitive patients
  • Exceptional persistence
  • Broad-spectrum effacy
  • Compact packaging
  • Sold by the case
  • 20 trays per case.


Scrub Care skin prep trays are compact, convenient and are designed with your patient in mind. Each tray includes a pair of powder-free gloves, wraps, applicators, sponges, and a four-compartment basin, plus Cardinal's 4 oz bottle of Exidine solution, made with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHC). This solution will help disinfect the skin area without the use of iodine.


This skin prepping tray is great for OR productivity. Each kit can easily be stored in your facility, and they help save time on searching for each individual component for each patient seen. In addition, surgical prep trays help reduce set-up time and increase OR efficiency.


For iodine-free patient care, choose the Exidine Scrub Care skin prep tray by Cardinal Health.

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