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Sheepette Lambswool Crutch Covers


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The Essential Medical Sheepette Crutch Cover Set provides soft, comfortable padding for crutches. Complete with a pair each of arm and grip covers, these crutch covers are made with thick, soft, synthetic sheepskin padding.


If you have ever used aluminum crutches before, after a while they can start digging into your underarms. Especially when you are using them for hours at a time. Having soft extra padding like the sheep skin crutch covers can make a world of difference. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also reduce pressure on the armpits.



  •  Makes using crutches more comfortable
  • Prevents against tissue breakdown
  • Allows skin moisture/vapor transfer


Crutch Cover Features:

  •  Thick, plush
  • Synthetic sheepskin material
  • Superior comfort
  • Sold by the pair (2)


Crutch Cover Set Includes:

  •  One pair arm covers
  • One pair grip covers


Crutches can be difficult to use sometimes. Not only can they be cumbersome and make it difficult to get around – especially on stairs – but they can also make your armpits and hands sore. Essential Medical has developed crutch covers to make the experience easier on your body. The synthetic sheepskin sheepette material allows the skin to breathe and prevents tissue breakdown by providing soft, thick padding to the main contact areas. Make using crutches a little easier with sheepette crutch covers.

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