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Simply Saline Sting-Free Wound Wash Saline Spray, 3.0 oz


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The Simply Saline WoundWash uses a pressurized sterile saline solution to promote a healthier wound healing environment by washing away any dirt, debris, or foreign materials that might be stuck in the wound bed; and it does so without causing any damage to healthy skin or interrupting the progress of the healing process. Features a safe, gentle, and effective preservative-free and drug-free solution that won’t cause any burning or stinging sensations.


  1. * Pressurized sterile saline cleanser
  2. * Helps remove dirt, debris, and foreign objects
  3. * Promotes a healthy wound healing environment
  4. * Doesn’t sting or burn
  5. * Drug-free and preservative-free
  6. * Safe, gentle, and effective
  7. * Packaged in a 3 oz spray can



  1. * Helps prevent infections
  2. * Doesn’t sting or burn and won’t cause any further irritations or discomfort
  3. * Uses a pressurized dispersal method
  4. * Creates a healthier wound healing environment
  5. * Helps speed up the wound healing process


Ideal Uses:

  1. * To clean wounds such as cuts, scrapes, scratches, and minor burns
  2. * For removing dirt, debris, and foreign objects without damaging healthy skin or inhibiting the healing process
  3. * To help reduce the risks of bacterial contamination and help prevent infections



  1. * This product is intended for external use and should only be used as directed; do not inject this product
  2. * If the condition of the wound gets worse or does not improve within 7 days stop using this product and consult your healthcare provider
  3. * In cases of deep wounds, severe punctures, animal bites or serious burns, it is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before using this product
    1. * Clear the nozzle by dispensing a short stream of the solution
    2. * Position the can with the nozzle directed towards the wound
    3. * Press down on the top of the nozzle to release a spray of the solution
    4. * Apply a coating that covers the affected area
    5. * Flush (rinse) the wound with the sterile saline solution
    6. * Use as often as needed or use as directed by your healthcare provider
    7. * Replace cap after each use


  1. * Contents are under pressure; do not puncture or incinerate (burn)
  2. * Keep this product, as well as all other medications, out of reach of children
  3. * Store in a location with regulated temperatures between 59°-86°F (15°-30°C) and avoid exposure to excessive heat



Sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution

Ensure that your wounds are clean and free of dirt, debris, and foreign materials by using the Simply Saline WoundWash, which features a drug-free and preservative-free saline solution. Order yours today by placing an order using our conveniently easy to use website or calling us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly and experienced Medical Supply Specialists and place an order by phone.

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