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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334

Skil-Care Bari-Foam Cushion

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SKU 754833

Keep your seat stable and comfortable with the Skil-Care Bari-Foam Cushion. The cushion is constructed with Visco-elastic foam, high-density foam and a firm foundation to help prevent seat bottoming out and features Skil-Care's Low-Shear II outer cover that wipes clean for easy care.

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  • 3-part design helps prevent “bottoming out” and ensures comfort
  • Helps relieve pressure



  • Visco-elastic foam top layer
  • High-density foam mid-layer
  • Firm Foundation lower layer
  • Low-Shear II wipe-clean outer cover
  • Sold by the each


Brand: Skil-Care

Ordering Options

754810 - 20"W x 16"D x 3"H
754812 - 20"W x 18"D x 3"H
754814 - 22"W x 16"D x 4"H
754816 - 22"W x 18"D x 3"H
754818 - 24"W x 18"D x 3"H
754821 - 24"W x 20"D x 3"H
754823 - 26"W x 18"D x 3"H
754825 - 26"W x 20"D x 3"H


The specialized, 3-part design of the Skil-Care Bari-Foam Cushion helps prevent seat hammocking and ensures pressure relief and weight redistribution for a more comfortable experience.


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