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Skil-Care Ultra Soft Bolsters


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Skil-Care Ultra-Soft Bolsters are flexible positioning aids used to prevent pressure, elevate areas, and provide comfort. This multi-use pillow can be used under the neck, on the side, between the legs, or beneath the heels. Pressure ulcers are painful and can be prevented with the right tools. Most bolsters are rigid and uncomfortable unlike the Cozy Cloth fabric used on the Ultra-Soft Bolsters. The softness is what makes this product so appealing in addition to the versatility


Ultra-Soft Bolsters Use and Benefits

  • Provides effective side positioning
  • Off-loads heels for zero pressure
  • Comfortably supports the neck
  • Offers forward positioning and roll control
  • Elevates knees to reduce leg and lower back pain
  • Provides leg/knee abduction to prevent pressure and skin damage


Skil-Care Ultra-Soft Bolsters Features

  • Furry-filled interior
  • Launderable outer cover
  • Disinfectable inner cover
  • Available in 6" x 18" and 8" x 24"
*Usually Ships in 5-7 Days

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