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Skil-Care Weighted Lap Pads


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Skil-Care Weighted Lap Pads are gel-filled chambers that sit on a person's lap to help them feel grounded. They greatly help children with autism or patients suffering from alzheimer's disease. The Weighted Lap Pads allow the individual to sit for longer periods time. These can be used in a classroom, in the car, or at home. The weight of the pad provides deep pressure for a secure feeling, but does not hurt the legs. Different shapes and colors are available to provide visual stimulation, as well as tactile.




  • Water-based gel surface
  • Anti-bacterial vinyl cover
  • Available in Red, Green, and Blue
  • Available in 3 weights: 3, 5 and 7 lbs.

  *Usually Ships in 5-7 Days

*Please note that the 3 lb. Red Circle is a Semi-Circle, the 5 lb. Green Circle is a Half-Circle, the 7 lb. Blue is a Circle


Providing care for children and the elderly is a challenging job in and of itself. With autism and alzheimer's growing more prevalent each year, it is important to find ways to meet their special needs. In both cases, sensory stimulation is key to soothing individual's and controlling behavior with beneficial outcomes. Most of these patients have trouble sitting still and do not feel balanced. The Skil-Care Weighted Lap Pads provide multi-sensory stimulus to achieve that grounded feeling while decreasing agitation, increasing attention span, improving finger dexterity, and reducing wandering. Using sensory stimulation is a great alternative to the use of restraints or sedation. Skil-Care and Mountainside Medical offer other sensory stimulation products.

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