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SolaTone Electrolarynx

Griffin K276

$ 569.00 $ 985.00

The SolaTone Electrolarynx is a reliable speech aid for those without a larynx (voice box). At 4.5 oz, this lightweight, compact, reliable device utilizes a single-tone button to help you speak.


SolaTone Electrolarynx Features:

  • Quality sound
  • Lightweight (4.5 oz)
  • 1.34”x 4.12”
  • Single-Tone button
  • Standard 9 volt battery
  • Includes oral Adapter and straws
  • Good volume range


Life after a laryngectomy can be a difficult adjustment. Going from complete verbal communication to basically learning how to speak again is not an easy process. The SolaTone Electrolarynx is worn around the neck, is easy to operate and will produce sound for you to create a voice. It is battery-operated and includes an oral adapter for your convenience.


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