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Speedy Cleanz Clean-Up Fluid Solidifier 16oz Shaker Top


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Safetec Speedy Cleanz Fluid Solidifier to clean up blood, vomit, saliva and any other bodily fluids. Ideal for those who have spills and need a solution to clean them up safely. It’s safe, effective, non-slip, and it won’t splash when being applied to the spill.


  • - Non-toxic fluid solidifier
  • - transform the liquid into an odorless, semi-solid mass
  • - Non-slip formula for a hazard free environment    
  • - Eliminates the spills odor and turns it into a solid mass
  • - OSHA Compliant and it’s biodegradable  

Ideal Uses:

  • - Schools
  • - Veterinary offices
  • - Hospitals
  • - Nursing homes
  • - Anywhere there is the possibility to come in contact with body fluid spills

Instructions for use:

Place the solution onto the spill, let the spill turn solid, and dispose of it.

Manufacturer: Safetec of America

 Product #  41100

Clean up your spills with the Safetec Speedy Cleans Shaker Top Bottle. Dial 1-888-687-4334 to order a case from our medical supply specialists. 

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