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Splint Fracture Kit with Adult & Child Leg & Arm Splints


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Tech-Med Fracture Kit offer rugged, durable splints and storage case for transport. Each first responder splint bag contains adult and child sized splints, as well as an arm/shoulder immobilizer. In addition, the bag itself is heavy duty, waterproof, and contains multiple storage compartments. Each splint is x-ray transparent, has in-line fiberglass supports, and they can be used for either left or right limbs.

8000 Fracture Kit Features:

  1. * Complete splint system
  2. * Vinyl carry bag with storage compartments
  3. * Heavy duty and waterproof
  4. * X-ray transparent
  5. * In-line fiberglass support for transport and stabilization
  6. * Limb splints can be used for either lefts or rights
  7. * EtO sterilization safe

Kit Includes:

  1. * 1 Child Arm Splint
  2. * 1 Adult Arm Splint
  3. * 1 Child Leg Splint
  4. * 1 Adult Leg Splint
  5. * 1 Arm/Shoulder Immobilizer

Tech-Med fracture kits provide you with easy splint storage and transport. Complete with multiple storage compartments, this medical bag makes carrying your splints to your patients in need easy. In addition, the bag itself is made for extensive use and is even waterproof for further protection.

Each splint is made with the quality standards of all Tech-Med products. There are sizes for both adults and children, and comes with an arm/shoulder immobilizer. Plus, these splints won't show up on an x-ray to make the examination process easier on you and your patients.

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