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Suction Catheter with Funnel End


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Bard Bronchial Suction Catheter with Funnel End is a sterile, red suction catheter with a funnel female end used to efficiently keep a patient’s oral and nasal airway clear from mucus or saliva. This sterile rubber suction catheter is x-ray opaque for easy identification on films and features a funnel end and two eyes with a whistle tip.


Bard Suction Catheter Features:

  • Sterile rubber construction
  • X-ray opaque
  • Funnel End
  • Two eyes
  • Whistle Tip
  • Single-use


What are the benefits of this bronchial catheter?

There are many suction catheters available on the market with different tips for convenience that have multiple uses that make suctioning easier for you and the patient, and more effective. The funnel suction catheter provides you with two eyes (openings), as opposed to one, that not only allow multiple access points to blockages in the throat, but also reduces the risk of the tube itself getting blocked, as well. The funnel end allows the catheter a wider, more open area for efficient suctioning and blockage reduction. This particular catheter is also x-ray opaque. This means that the catheter can easily be seen on an x-ray, so that the practitioner can adjust positioning for the patient, as needed.

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