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Sulfamylon Mafenide Acetate Topical Burn Cream


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Applied topically to second and third degree burns, Sulfamylon Mafenide Acetate Cream helps to aid the healing process while reducing bacterial growth. Used as an adjunctive therapy for treating serious burns, Sulfamylon Cream is effective at aiding the healing process and reducing the risk of serious bacterial infection.

Sulfamylon Mafenide Acetate Burn Cream Features

  • Topical use
  • Reduces bacterial load
  • For second and third degree burns
  • 56.7gm tube
  • Spreads easily
  • Water soluble

Manufacturer: Mylan Institutional

Dosage and Administration:

Clean and debride burn wounds then apply Sulfamylon Cream with a sterile, gloved hand. Apply cream once or twice daily in a layer approximately 1/16th inch thick. Use minimal dressings to cover the affected area.

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