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Summit Hand-Held Lifedop Fetal Doppler


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Summit L250R Hand-Held Fetal Doppler is an ultrasound system that is paralleled by no other in sound sensitivity and quality. Complete with a large, detailed display, enhanced probe sensitivity, worry-free battery charging and hand-held convenience, this durable obstetrical Doppler system has been optimized for superior heartbeat detection and quality.


Doppler Features:

  • Large digital display – battery life, signal quality, extended 50-220bpm heart rate
  • Superior sound quality
  • Enhanced probe sensitivity
  • Extended battery lifeEnhanced battery charging system – don’t have to worry about overcharging/draining batteries
  • Probes are interchangeable with other Summit doppler probes

*Price may vary depending on package chosen.


Available with either 2MHz or 3mHz probes, with/without charger:

  • 2MHz:  Wide-angle beam decreases heartbeat search time - once found, it is ultra-clear - and is optimized for deep penetration. Great for late term pregnancies and larger patients
  • 3MHz:  General purpose OB probe with wide-angle beam for early fetal heart detection through delivery
  • Waterproof:  2MHz probe designed for water assisted labor and delivery applications



What is a Doppler system for?

A Doppler unit can be used to detect many things in the medical field, one of which is fetal heartbeat and blood flow. As important as ultrasounds are, they can be quite costly, especially during a high-risk pregnancy where the mother needs frequent exams. A reliable Doppler system can work much the same way, the only difference is that you cannot see the baby. An OB Doppler system can help the doctor hear the blood flow through the umbilical cord, placenta, the baby's brain and their heart to make sure everything is flowing properly and the fetus is receiving enough oxygen and nutrients. This small hand-held obstetrical device is an extremely important tool that can help your doctor expertly help you and your baby.

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