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Absorbable Sutures Chromic Gut, 12/Box


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The Pro Advantage Absorbable Sutures Chromic Gut are made of a high quality raw material for great absorption and an extremely high tensile strength. All sutures are packaged in a sterile, double pouch for sterile transfer. All gut sutures are configured in foil to foil inner package with an outer clear mylar pouch.

Chromic gut absorbable sutures are made of a natural, high-quality material which is coated. The suture is an absorbable material that is absorbed slower than a plain gut suture, due to the coating applied. Absorption of the sutures varies according to which type of body tissue it is sewn into. The coating helps reduce tissue drag and the smoothness of the strands allow for efficient knots to be tied.

Chromic Gut Suture Product Codes:

  • # P420635 - Chromic Gut Suture, Size 4-0, 27", FS-2 Needle, 3/8 Circle Reverse Cut 19mm, 12/bx
  • # P420636 - Chromic Gut Suture, Size 3-0, 27", FS-2 Needle, 3/8 Circle Reverse Cut 19mm, 12/bx

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