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Thermco Dual Scale Alcohol Hydrometer, Proof Scale

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Thermco Alcohol Hydrometers are designed to measure the alcohol by volume in certain liquids. There are two forms of hydrometers you can purchase, a plain form and a combined form. The combined form allows you to measure temperature as well.


  • - 230mm-305mm in length  
  • - Proof and Tralle scale  
  • - Suitable for certification
  • - Measures percent alcohol by volume multiplied by 2  
  • - Measures percent of alcohol by weight in water  
  • - Accuracy within 1% of actual reading  

Ideal Uses:

  • - Wine making  
  • - Home brewing  
  • - Candy making

Instructions for use:

Place the hydrometer in water and wait until it fully stops going up.

Manufacturer: Thermco

Product # GW2601

Know exactly the density of your object with the Thermco Dual Scale Alcohol Hydrometers. To order one today, dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with a customer service rep. 

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