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Tillotson Dental Care Latex Gloves 100/Box


$ 9.85 $ 15.95

Tillotson’s Dental Care Latex Gloves are made to comfortably slip on and off while continuing to maintain a good grip and tactile sensitivity – they can even be double-gloved easily, if needed. Treated with a Patented Allotex emzyme-treated latex, which reduces latex protein allergens by over 99%, these exam gloves feature a polymer lined, non-powder (powder free) interior for those with sensitivities to donning powder.


Dental Latex Gloves Features:

    • Manufactured with Patented Allotex enzyme-treated latex
    • Polymer lined
    • Non-powdered interior
    • 15 mg powder per glove
    • Available in Small and Large sizes
    • 100 per Box


      Latex gloves are one of the most-used products in the medical field. Latex is a natural rubber, derived from the rubber tree, and has proven to be the most effective type of glove as far as protection from harmful substances. However, many people have developed an allergy to latex, so manufacturers had to find an alternative to latex material. In an effort to help reduce latex protein allergens, Tillotson’s Dental Care Latex Gloves are actually manufactured with Allotex, making them more patient and doctor friendly.

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