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Tissu-Trans FILTRON Canisters


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TheTissu-Trans FILTRON Canister is a filtration unit that is used for fat removal procedures. The FILTRON Canister works to filter waste out of fat in order to ready it for re-injection. The internal filter of the FILTRON Canister quickly and efficiently removes waste products making the process easier and more effective.



  1. Sterile
  2. Disposable
  3. Proven fat viability
  4. No centrifuge required
  5. Graduated markings along side


FILTRON Includes:

  1. Transfer tube
  2. 6' harvest tube



Tissu-Trans FILTRON Canister Sizes:

  1. 250cc Collection Canister with Filter - #3-TT-FILTRON250
  2. 500cc Collection Canister with Filter - #3-TT-FILTRON500
  3. 1000cc Collection Canister with Filter - #3-TT-FILTRON1000
  4. 2000cc Collection Canister with Filter - #3-TT-FILTRON2000


The Tissu-Trans FILTRON Canister is a great product that filters harvested fat and then sends the waste materials to the waste canister. This product will allow quicker, more efficient procedures, and reduces the need to use a centrifuge. Once the harvested fat has been filtered it is ready for reinjection.


Brand: Shippert Medical Technologies

Item Number: 3-TT-FILTRON500, 3-TT-FILTRON1000, 3-TT-FILTRON2000



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