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Tissu-Trans MEGA 1500cc Canister


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Tissu-Trans MEGA 1500cc Canister is a unique canister that filters waste from harvested fat during fat harvesting procedures. The Tissu-Trans MEGA unit sits between the harvest cannula and the waste canister. This suction canister is sterile, disposable, and allows the physician to perform his/her preferred method of fat processing.


Tissu-Trans MEGA 1500cc Canister Features:

  • Sterile
  • Disposable
  • Sterile bag for material collection
  • Allows physician to utilize preferred method of processing


Tissu-Trans MEGA Includes:

  • Transfer tube
  • 6' harvest tubing
  • 1500cc collection bag


The Tissu-Trans MEGA 1500cc Canister is a decant canister used to filter waste away from harvested fat. After separation, the sterile fat can be either processed or re-injected. Once the fat has been collected, the canister can be inverted allowing the fat to be decanted. Once the waste has drained off the sterile fat is re-injection ready. 


Brand:  Shippert Medical Technologies
Item Number:  3-TT-MEGA1500


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