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Toilet Bowl Plunger with Wood Handle 20”


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The Impact Toilet Bowl Plunger with Wood Handle is essential for any bathroom or kitchen that sees heavy use. The smooth wood handle is easy on your hands and the rubber head provides heavy duty suction for a fast release.



  • - 20” handle, Wood and rubber
  • - Manufactured from raw materials for durability    
  • - Smooth wood handle will not leave splinters
  • - Provides heavy suction for quick releases


Ideal Uses:

  • - Nursing homes
  • - Hospitals  
  • - Schools  


Instructions for use:

When the toilet gets clogged, make a suction, pull up and down until the clog is free.

Manufacturer:   Impact  

Product #  920190


Don’t let clogs get in your way, order the Impact Toilet Plunger w/ 20” Wood Handle today. Pick up the phone and dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with a friendly customer service representative.

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