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Toomey Irrigation Syringe 70 cc


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Toomey Irrigation Syringe is a multi-purpose syringe that can fit cystoscopes and resectoscopes for versatile use. Made with a thumb ring plunger and smooth piston action, this 70cc Toomey syringe is great for one-handed use. This sterile, single-use irrigation syringe comes with a luer adapter tip and a catheter adapter tip for easy irrigation of Foley catheters and the inflation of Foley balloons, It also has a doube-flanged plunger tip to ensure superior vacuum properties.


Toomey Irrigation Syringe Features:

  • Double-flanged plunger tip
  • Thumb-ring plunger
  • Smooth piston action
  • 70cc piston syringe barrel
  • Fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes
  • Catheter adapter tip
  • Luer adapter tip
  • Single-use
  • Sterile


How is an irrigation syringe useful?

A foley catheter is a thin, flexible hollow tube used to drain fluid from the bladder into a drainage bag in patients who have trouble emptying their bladder (due to blockages, surgery, a particular condition or incontinence) on their own. A syringe is used not only to inflate the balloon that keeps the catheter from sliding out of the bladder, but it is also used to irrigate the catheter - to clean it and flush out blockages that may be inside. A Toomey catheter is unique because it has the ability to perform both functions. The adapter tips make it versatile, and the simple, smooth function of it makes it easy to use with one hand.


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